Unique and fun yard greetings for all occasions

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A Masked Birthday Bandit celebration will show them they are loved. Spread the joy!


We can help with your organization’s fundraiser.

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Yard Greeting Packages

Everything you need to decorate a yard, spread joy and celebrate.

Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Just Because

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About Us

We started by spreading joy throughout the community during the COVID lockdown.

Check out our story here.

Celebrate Now Yard Sign

Surprise Someone Special!

Order everything you need to decorate a yard. Forget a card. Make it a greeting they will remember. Decorate the yard! 

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Comments from our customers

Recommendations and reviews


it was so fun to wake up to a yard full of spooky fun Halloween decorations! They did a wonderful job!

Stacie Benedict

“10/10 “

A W E S O M E!!!!!!!

Lauren Liz

“Best Surprise Ever!”

Thank you Masked Birthday Bandits!

Dan McMurray


The add joy to community life

Alex Araujo

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We typically decorate between the hours of 6:30am and 8:30am


Monday – Sunday  By Appointment
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