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Who We Are

Friends in Olympia, along with their kids, helped to celebrate a quarantine birthday when COVID-19 hit and stay-at-home orders began. Between the two of them a “honk” sign was made. Balloons were creatively put on sticks and placed in the yard. Streamers were thrown, decorating the trees and brightening the day. From there an idea was born.

They decided to extend the joy to friends, family and eventually to anyone needing some celebration during a time gatherings were canceled. Morning after morning they would make signs, forage sticks, blow up balloons and decorate yards while the recipient was unaware. They celebrated friends and strangers alike with festive yard greetings.

After decorating Daisye Orr’s home, a local artist who enjoys spreading joy, she joined the Masked Birthday Bandit team. Daisye brought the idea of leaving a painted rock on the doorstep as a keepsake for the occasion. Each rock was hand painted and done with creativity and flare. She also began making the happy birthday yard signs that were used to decorate the yards. Quickly Masked Birthday Bandits went from novice to beautiful, creative, and fun signs celebrating loved ones from a far.

With a little help from friends and family, the MBB team freely spread joy and love throughout Thurston County from March through July. It was the hope that by summertime they would once again be able to gather and celebrate in person. Unfortunately, COVID had other plans and there are still limits to our gatherings. Because of this, MBB started back up to spread more joy and love during these uncertain times. They also learned that even in times where we can gather, extra joy, love and kindness makes a difference to those receiving and to those watching.

MBB started with the mission of giving back during a difficult time in our community. Though they cannot continue to do it free of charge, they do plan to give back to the community through fundraisers, a monthly nomination for a lucky MBB recipient, and more ideas to come. Masked Birthday Bandits was founded on lifting people’s spirits and spreading joy through celebrations. They look forward to continuing their mission throughout Thurston County and beyond.

We are proud of our community. Should you be “bandited”, we encourage you to pay it forward by decorating some ones else’s yard. It will surely bring them joy and we are pretty sure it will bring you joy too.

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First of Many Yard Cards
Bandits dressed up for halloween


Melissa, moved here 10 years ago when her husband, was stationed at McChord. She has 5 boys and one dog (also a boy). She loves finding ways to love her community and believes we are enriched by getting proximate to others. Although she enjoys outdoor activities, her favorite thing is long conversations with friends or strangers over a cup of coffee or a brisk walk. Bringing joy to people during COVID has been grounding for her and she is excited start decorating again.


Katie, a resident of Thurston County for over 27 years, is passionate about the community. She lives in Olympia with her husband, 3 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats. No, her favorite number is not 3, but it seems to bring a lot of love and laughter into her life. Aside from spending time with those she loves, she enjoys playing on the water, hiking, and bringing smiles to faces. Seeing others celebrated and loved fuels her. She believes laughter and smiles are truly the best medicine.


Daisye lives in Tumwater with her wife Laura and rescue poodle Noodle. They are also the owners of the vintage and antique business @owlyswaysidenest. Daisye loves creating art of any kind. You can follow her art world at @dorr_art.

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