What location do you serve?

Masked Birthday Bandits serve Thurston County and Dupont. If you have a celebration outside our service area, contact us or look into our Bandit Boxes.

I want to celebrate something other than a birthday?

We celebrate all occasions. Currently celebrations other than birthdays are all custom. Please contact us if you have questions. We hope to have packages for other more popular celebrations in the future.

Why use Masked Birthday Bandits if I can do it myself?

We encourage others to decorate and celebrate their loved ones. Hiring the Masked Birthday Bandits or ordering a Bandit Box eliminates the shopping, preparation and time that it takes to provide a yard celebration. With kids home, work, social distancing and all the other life happenings, we can help you celebrate with ease. They will be sure to remember a visit from the Bandits.

My organization wants to do a fundraiser, how does that work?

Fundraisers can be tailored to your organizations needs. Please contact us to discuss “Spreading Joy” for a fundraiser.

What is a Bandit Box?

Our boxes will be available soon. Ordering a Bandit Box gives you the opportunity to be the Masked Birthday Bandit. Our boxes can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Do you live outside Thurston County but want to celebrate your Grandparent, Uncle, Aunt, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother or Friend, we can send you all the supplies you need. Decorate just to cheer them up or for their birthday. They will be sure to feel the love.

Can I hire Daisye to do other art?

YES! You can email us or contact her on Instagram @dorr_art

Can you decorate at an apartment or assisted living residence?

YES! We recommend the “Spread a Little Joy” package and add on a keepsake rock. Let us know details of the location so we can be sure to have the best supplies with us. If you are requesting an assisted living home, please provide us with contact information so we can make sure we follow the rules of the residence. We also encourage you to call them and ask as well. If the residence is ground floor or second story, we can always decorate outside the window. It will certainly cheer up your loved one and others who can see it. We also recommend the “Spread the Love” package to let them know you are thinking of them, especially when we can visit like we use to.

Do you really give away a Masked Birthday Bandit package every month?

YES! We started Masked Birthday Bandits as a way to spread joy in the community voluntarily. To continue that tradition, we want to continue to give away joy. To nominate a person for “A Spread a Little Joy” birthday package or a “You are Loved” package, click below.

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