How it Works

We offer a variety of Yard Greetings for you and those you want to celebrate. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, get well, or just because – we can help you spread joy.

Masked Birthday Bandits

Birthday Bandit Yard Greeting

We offer local greetings put up by the Celebration Bandits. Once you order the package and choose your date, you get to sit back and wait for that special day of joy.
We will place balloons and signs, along with a personalized card at the door. Depending on the package you order it may include pinwheels, streamers, banners and a hand-painted rock from a local artist.
We arrive at the location of your choice between 6am and 8am and begin decorating the yard. Streamers will be placed in the trees or banners in the yard. Every house is different, so we often don’t know what can be done until we are there. If you would like to do an apartment complex or retirement community, let us know. We can make adjustments accordingly.

You can choose for us to return the next morning and do a full clean-up, keep the signs to pass on more joy or just have us pick up the signs.

If you are not in one of our local areas or want to decorate for someone not in our areas, the Bandit Boxes are a great option.

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