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SPREAD JOY- ‘You are Loved’ Package


Let them know you love them. Show them you are thinking about them with the 'Spread the Love' package. Bring smiles and cheer to their day just because.

You are Loved Sign (message on both sides)

Joy Sign

3 streamer colors to blow in the wind and add joy. In wet weather we will use waterproof pendant banners.

Keepsake rock (see below for details)

Balloons on sticks or 10 pinwheels in the yard (apartment doorway/hall may vary)

Personalized card from you

All rocks are individually hand painted by @dorr_art using acrylic paints. They are protected with a polyurethane varnish that should provide protection from rain and sun to some degree. However, we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight as much as possible and cannot guarantee how long they will last outside.

*Bookings must be 48hrs in advance. Please contact us for short notice requests.

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